Read real life stories of people who we have helped become co-owners.Interested in finding your co-ownership partners?


Katie, Chloe and Robbie

Katie and Chloe are sisters, and Robbie is Chloe’s partner. The sister’s parents lived on a charming street in Corso Italia for almost 30 years. A well separated duplex came up on the parents’ street and they acted fast to bid. They wanted to live close to their parents as they aged, and Katie needed a home base as she travels for work a lot. They are happily living there several years later.

Meagan and Sara

2 sisters looking for separated duplex. Found something perfect, already separated into 2 great apartments in the Bloordale Neighbourhood.

Sarah and her Poly family

Part of The family owned a semi-detached in the Parkdale, and then found out the neighbouring semi was going up for sale. We acted very fast to make connection with the listing agent. Put together the agreement while also helping to navigate certain house rules surround the unique. Parts of the whole family live in different sections of both houses and they all are raising 2 children together.

Emma and Juliana, Colt and Benajamin

Two lovely queer couples who wanted to live with queer family. One of the couples will eventually have children. They ended up in a beautiful duplex in the Annex.

Jared and Kristina, Erica and Mel, and Lianne

The group needed 3 apartments, the couples wanted at least 2 bedrooms in each apartment with room to grow and the ability to start families. Lianne did not want to be in a basement apartment. They landed in a beautiful Little Italy triplex with a huge apartment for Lianne on the top floor, with each of the below apartments having 2 bedrooms with the ability to add at least one more.

Lorris, Quinne and Chris

Lorris and Quinne have a child and are planning to have another. Their salaries would not afford a typical mortgage, Chris had a higher salary and the ability to lend Lorris and Quinn a mortgage at an affordable rate. They landed in a gorgeous Victorian duplex in the Junction Triangle. Chris took the upstairs apartment and Lorris, Quinn and children took the downstairs with the basement.